About Me

Welcome to Vanilla Spiced Lullaby.

I’m Nikki.  I live in Queensland, Australia, and I have decided to start this blog to collate and share all the wonderful recipes I have inherited and invented up until now.  Of course, I shall be continuing to update new recipes as soon as my creative impulses kick in.  Hopefully we all have fun.  I have been told by some reasonably reliable sources that I can, in fact, cook yummy things.

This is me while playing pass the parcel on Australia Day 2013

Me on Australia Day 2013

While I cook a lot of Modern Australian, I am half Indian, so I also plan to include these cultural influences in the food that I share.  I have lived in South America and grew up in the Pacific Islands, and these places have also left an impression on my cooking style.

I am, first and foremost, a home cook.  I have no professional training whatsoever, so I make no claim to knowing much about techniques and trade secrets.  What I have learned till now has been from my own trial and error, and I am more than happy to share my tips and advice with you.

Happy Eating Everyone 😛


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